More Than Just a Place for Second Chances -
An Opportunity that Exists in Every Person

As Daniel Shepherd continues the work to overcome his painful childhood, he must also learn to live with his recent decisions. When surprises from his stint in Boise loom unexpectedly on the horizon, will he return to old patterns? Or will he find the strength within his heart to grow into a man capable of extending forgiveness and mercy?

As Clemence and Joseph move forward in their life together, they, too, must face the challenges inherited by their choices. Clemence finds herself forced to choose between her ongoing loyalty to Daniel and the secrets of their marriage, or contempt from her Dad and excommunication from the Church. Joseph, ever loving and supportive of Clemence in all things, finds his own strength tested by the daring lengths Clemence will go in her conviction to say “Yes” to the call of Jesus.

Through it all, the faces of old and new friends provide trials and opportunities to live the fruits of the Spirit of Love, encompassing faith, loyalty, kindness, forgiveness, understanding, comfort, and mercy.

The deepest motives of the human heart – although not always known or understood by a world looking in – can have value and awesome saving power when founded sincerely in Jesus and the grace of mercy – both given and received. Will this trio of unique friends continue to demonstrate merciful love in their daily lives?

Mercy’s Haven: Where even flawed efforts become opportunities to live selflessly — to extend powerful ripples of mercy and goodness into the lives of others.

“Mercy triumph’s over judgment.” - James 2:13 (NIV)